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Tatiana Botnari

The Scientific Press suggests publishing a book based on the works of V. B. Cherepennikova

Dear Vladislav Cherepennikov,
I am Tatiana Botnari from Scholars' Press.
We would be interested to publish a printed book based on your research in the field of Protection against the pseudoscientific swindlers usurping the power of world scientific community is necessary to a science. About mechanical essence of physical interactions, a philosophical and naturalscience inconsistency quantum - relativistic subconsciousness.  
In brief, Scholars' Press is dedicated to scientific works written in English. Our books are distributed worldwide through well known shops such as Amazon, Morebooks, Hachette. In addition, we bear all costs related to the production, marketing and distribution of our books.
Vladislav Cherepennikov, would you agree to receive more information?I am looking forward to your reply.
Tatiana Botnari   Sincere regards,Tatiana BotnariEditore: t.botnari@scholars-press.comw: www.scholars-press.comVisit us on Facebook  Follow us on Instagram  Follow us on TwitterSPS LogoSubmit your book proposal for review:Upload manuscript file here ⇪Scholars’ PressMoreBooks! Marketing SRLBusiness Registration No. 1011602004108Founded in Germany in 2002Now in whole Europe, Africa, Asia and South America


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