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Smulsky, J. J.

Review to peer review journals (06.10.2017 G.)

Last but not least a there is a consistent section about other not scientific topics and plans for the future.

It is high time to clarify the real value of A. Einstein works as far this year the Nobel foundation gave a Nobel Prize for another scientific fraud - gravitational wave rediscovery.

The fact I started the discussion about PE before going further with General Relativity predictions has a very simple explanations: New experiments or replica of old experiments related to PE are easy to be performed and they are far away from mystical or esoteric interpretations; soon the time for gravitational wave will come too!

            In a discussion with Nobel committee, they were asked and they were offered more occasions to support a real change in science and promote a new way of doing science. Unfortunately they have chosen to have an aristocratic death and they will have it because there is no place for them on the future scene of science.

            To speak bluntly, from the perspective of the new proposed theory what is happening in this moment around the world with public money for research and development is nothing more than an unimaginable fraud.

Here there is a link with expenses for Research & Development per country and a rough estimate shows that about 1 trillion $ were spent in 2010. 

If someone imagines that a fraud of such proportion can be hidden under the carpet or covered up, then it is time to think again….

Sooner or later someone is going to be charged for this fraud. Some people should be also charged for more serious crimes: abuse of power and crime against progress of human race. Based on their key position in decisional structures, they have made everything possible to prevent the progress and advance of human civilization for at least a quarter of century.

In order to counteract the short sightedness of present leaders, I think it is high time to organize the people who want to see a real change in the way we are going to do science in the future.

Two categories of people are going to become important: collaborators and investors.

Collaborators are people with a scientific background who are interested to continue the enlargement/refinement of the proposed theory. For the moment the participation in the program is going to be solely on a voluntary basis as far there are no funds for payments. They are going to be organized in teams and in principle a team deals with a specific topic. 

For investors there is a lot of potential as far even school manuals have to be changed in the future. There is no need of a big amount of money in order to be part of a historical change! The intellectual fraud of mainstream science spending more than a trillion $ in a year can be overcomed with a total of about 1 million $. Depending on country one can become investor with a minimum 100 Euro for underdeveloped countries and 250 Euro for developed countries.

People interested in becoming collaborators or investors are welcomed to contact me by email at and copy carbon to

Suggestions are welcome at the same emails too.

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