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Dear scientists, headers of the scientific and educational organizations, publishers of progressive magazines, I hope, that you will with understanding and regard attention to anxiousness of scientists of world scientific community «extraordinary seriousness of sad consequences of crisis in natural sciences for fates of the Earthly  civilization is not apprehended by the mighty of this world and not brought to consciousness broad masses  /V.V. Kuzmin/».

In this connection I ask to assist and all-round to the help in the edition and distribution of applied article and materials of analytical research on purpose «to bring to consciousness broad masses extraordinary seriousness of sad consequences of crisis in natural sciences for fates of the Earthly civilization».








The honorary academician of the International Academy of Quality and Marketing (St.-Petersburg),

The director of the International Scientific Organization «Newton society»

Vladislav Cherepennikov


«Extraordinary seriousness of sad consequences of crisis in natural sciences for fates of the Earthly  civilization is not apprehended by the mighty of this world and not brought to consciousness broad masses». V.V. Kuzmin (Ukraine), the participant of VII International Scientific Conference «Space, time, gravitation», 19 – 23 of August, 2002, Saint - Petersburg.

«Our own science, first of all its basis - a fundamental science, is now in a critical condition...

The science should be protected from itself, from its inviable organizational structure, from its bureaucratized nomenclative elite infected by monopolism» G. Khromov, «Izvestia» newspaper, article «Science needs protection», from 23.08.89.


From everlasting scientists defended materialistic mechanical essence of physical interactions. By the early XX-th century, science had come close to resolving this fundamental problem of natural science and philosophy - «the most fascinating field of researches of our epoch» under certificate of Nobel prize winner Werner Heisenberg.

For the evidence of this mechanical essence it was necessary to resolve only mechanical models of physical interactions constructed by Faraday and  Maxwell.

However, in due time, this problem was never solved in an analytical form acceptable to physics.

The reason for that distract attention of scientists from the permission of this problem has served as violent substitution unique scientifically proved paradigm of the dialectic materialism, contradicting common sense and an objective reality, - quantum-relativistic subconsciousness.  

In the materials of research presented for scientific discussion «Science needs protection from pseudo-scientific swindlers who have usurped the power of the world scientific community. It is about the mechanical essence of physical interactions, philosophical and natural science inability of the quantum-relativistic subconsciousness» this problem has received the analytical permission. Publishing house «Sputnik+», Moscow, 2018 (look also on a site:


In connection with «extraordinary seriousness of sad consequences of crisis in natural sciences for fates of the Earthly civilizations» the author invoke scientists to come back for a paradigm of dialectic materialism to protect fundamental science from «mess and lie / V.I. Lenin /», from a plague quantum-relativistic paranoia, amazed public consciousness, and to revive a science on the knowledge extracted by works of previous generations of outstanding scientists. 

Criterion of truth in a choosing the right way of further researches, on belief of outstanding scientist-encyclopedist John  Bernal, shared world scientific community, should become V.I. Lenin's work «Materialism and Empirio-criticism»: «Lenin has enriched methodological bases of natural sciences, he deeply understood all value of natural sciences as in practical and theoretical relation. He created «Materialism and Empirio-criticism», the greatest classical Marxist's work which importance is invaluable. In the light of this work we should consider a question on a determinism and indeterminism, a difference between micro- and macro- physics, bases of the quantum theory and the relativity theory».




Here already more than hundred years an organized criminal group of pseudoscientific swindlers has gone crazy «to idealism of different forms and shades», because « there were no other ways, if we talk about spontaneous roads of the experimenters, who did not think about the methodological lessons the new physics», tries to inspire to mankind nonsense that the pseudo science represents a «true» science, and outstanding scientists of all times and peoples are «enemies – the last Mohicans, who long-ago have suffered shattering defeat», under the statement of the former president of Academy of sciences of the USSR S.I. Vavilov. In other words: «where the stupidity is a pattern, the mind is insanity», as Goethe defined. 

An incomparable flow of publications is poured upon the unfaltering consciousness of readers, contradictory and incompatible with common sense delusional ideas: the union of space and time in the curved four-dimensional space-time; the interconversion of matter into energy, «to think of motion without a matter... On this question «energy» philosophy broke its neck, this attempt to cover up old epistemological mistakes with the «new» terminology», according V.I. Lenin; Einstein’s ejection of an ether  «into the garbage basket of history», according to the statement of academician A.F. Ioffe - admitted, thereby, according to Isaak Newton’s fair estimation «nonsense, absurd and incompetence in philosophical thinking» and to that similar fabrications.

In the letter to his friend M. Besso, A. Einstein wrote: «I consider it definitely possible that physics can not be based on the field concept, that is, on continuous structures. In the opposite case, nothing remains of my air locks, including the theory of gravity, and the rest of modern physics».

After unsuccessful attempts to create at least something nearly scientific, with the tongue hanging out, A. Einstein admitted: «You will like this gesture, because it is meant to whole humanity. Physicists consider me as an old fool, but in the future physics development will go in other direction, than ever before».

However,  to the apologists of relativism, even the capitulation of Einstein himself is not clear: «To this day, articles are coming up with attempts to disprove the validity of the theory of relativity. These days, such articles are not even considered as clearly anti-scientific», academician P.L. Kapitsa declares.  

Using the incompleteness of the analytical resolution of the mechanical models of Faraday and Maxwell, which would become irrefutable evidence of the mechanical nature of physical interactions, necessary  «for the further successful development of» modern physics and the completion of the construction of a general physical theory, according to Academician V.F. Mitkevich, shared by the greatest thinkers and natural scientists, pseudoscientific swindlers made a campaign against the only scientific theory of knowledge - dialectical materialism .

«Almost from time immemorial, from Democritus and Epicurus, through Archimedes, Descartes, Galileo, Newton, Faraday, Maxwell, Helmholtz to Hertz, Kelvin and Rayleigh the desire to create a mechanical picture of the world clearly prevails ... According to the representative of the great Classical mechanics V. Thomson: «The true meaning of the question: do we understand or do not understand the physical phenomenon? - reduces to the following: can we build our own mechanical model or not?»». The former president of the USSR Academy of Sciences academician S.I. Vavilov was forced to admit.

Further S.I. Vavilov continues: «However, new facts were and remain now incomprehensible in this sense... The collapse of mechanical worldview and enormous growth of mathematical symbols carried away physicists or towards persistent, obstinate aversion of new physics, hopeless attempts of a mechanical explanation of the non-mechanical phenomena, or to idealism of different forms and shades.

Other ways, if we talk about the spontaneous roads of experimenters who did not think about the methodological lessons of the new physics, we did not have.

Metaphysical materialists, in fact, are defeated and first of all by practice, concrete results of new physics and complete practical infertility of their own conjectures. In the field of solving specific fundamental issues, mechanical physics has not yielded anything in the past 30 years. These enemies - the last Mohicans who long-ago have suffered shattering defeat».

So pseudoscientific swindlers triumphed «victory» over the science.

But with each day, the voice of those who doubt the justice of such a «victory» is becoming louder and stronger.

Academician V.F. Mitkevich and his supporters unequivocally define their position in this question. So, academician V.F. Mitkevich writes: «From all the preceding it follows that the creation of a physical theory covering the widest range of phenomena is difficult and probably completely impossible on the grounds of denying the primary meaning of the medium and on the basis of objectifying action at a distance as the primary physical phenomenon.

  Until now, the general physical theory does not yet exist in a complete form. But you can rightfully state that in the future physical thought will return to the fundamental views of Faraday and Maxwell, develop them by taking into account all new achievements and complete the construction of a general physical theory ... in any case, the Faraday-Maxwell point of view on the question of direct participation of the environment in all physical processes is the only conceivable guiding thread for the further successful development of modern physics ...

Me and for sure all the ideological opponents of the group headed by academicians A.F. Ioffe and S.I. Vavilov, we only object to the erroneous methods of interpreting physical processes against those methods that lead to physical idealism, impede the development of ideas that can correspond to the real nature of phenomena and therefore inhibit the further progress of physical science».

The same opinion is held also by Friedrich Engels: «Every movement contains a mechanical   movement, movement of large and smallest parts of matter,   the knowledge of these mechanical movements is FIRST   (highlighted by F. Engels ) task of science.   Therefore, it must be investigated first of all else ... 

When mathematics operates with real values, it also accepts this view without further circumlocution .

But as soon as mathematicians take refuge in their impregnable stronghold of abstraction, the so-called pure mathematics, all these analogies are forgotten ... The stupidities and absurdities with which the mathematicians explained so much, how much they apologized for this method, which leads in a strange way always to the correct results, the worst, real and imaginary fantasy of natural philosophy (for example, Hegelian), at the address of which mathematicians and natural scientists can not find sufficient words to express their horror. They forget that all the so-called pure mathematics deals with abstractions, that all its strictly speaking values are imaginary quantities, and that all abstractions taken to the extreme become nonsense or in its opposite».  

Affirming the mechanical materialistic methodology in solving the problem of physical interactions based on the concept of the participation of the material medium-ether, F. Engels welcomes the decisive progress emerging in the works of outstanding scientists in this direction: «It was difficult to abandon the notion that something material is moving between the molecules of bodies. This is where the latest theories of Clerk Maxwell, Hankel, Renard, and Edlung come in accordance with the hypothesis already expressed in 1846 by Faraday for the first time that electricity is a movement that fills all space, and, consequently, penetrates all the bodies of the elastic medium,  in other words, that electricity is the movement of ether particles and that the molecules of bodies participate in this movement. 

When we advance so far that we can give the mechanics of the ether, then, of course, much will enter into it which is now assigned to physics by necessity».  

Attaching exclusive basic significance to the permission of this problem, F. Engels wrote: «Interaction is the first thing that appears before us when we consider moving matter from the point of view of present-day natural science. Natural science confirms what Hegel says, that interaction is the ultimate cause of things. We can not go beyond knowing this interaction precisely because behind it there is nothing more to know. Once we have learned the forms of the motion of matter (for which, truth, we still lack a lot, in view of the short duration of the existence of natural science), then we have learned the very matter, and this exhausts knowledge.»

«The mature theory in which the physical facts will be mechanically explained, will be constructed by those who, asking the nature, will be able to find only the correct solution of the questions posed by mathematical theory … In subsequent I will consider some problems from the doctrine about an electricity and the magnetism concerning spherical bodies». James Clerk Maxwell.

Unfortunately, James Clerk Maxwell never had time to «consider some problems from the doctrine about an electricity and the magnetism concerning spherical bodies».  

This problem has been considered and resolved in materials of theoretical research «Science needs protection from pseudo-scientific swindlers who have usurped the power of the world scientific community. It is about the mechanical essence of physical interactions, philosophical and natural science inability of the quantum-relativistic subconsciousness». 

On the basis «return to basic views of Faraday and Maxwell» in an analytical kind «the mechanics of an ether» is given, which «managed to find the true decision of the questions put by the mathematical theory» into which «much has entered also such, that now is necessarily ranked as physics».

In the Center for Strategic Research, prepared by the Foundation on the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on May, 5th, 2016 «Strategies for the scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation until 2035» refers to the prospect of change of a fundamental scientific paradigm.

«Fundamental science in the coming years will change significantly. We should expect the development of new leading scientific concepts. There are bases to expect significant breakthroughs in horizon until 2035-2050 in fundamental researches in astrophysics, the quantum physics …, growth of the importance of search studies aimed at changing the currently dominant scientific paradigm ...

Development of fundamental scientific researches in the Russian Federation will be one of unconditional priorities of the state scientific and technological policy on long-term prospect.

  The current system of evaluating fundamental research in Russia is at variance with world practice ... priority areas the development of fundamental research is given by thescientific community , and not by pseudo-scientific scammers of bibliometric indicators .  

Science must explain the goals of its activities to society and be accountable to it» - rightly noted in the Strategy.

The research materials presented by the author allow us to overcome the crash, provoked by pseudoscientific swindlers, in theoretical thinking and return to the paradigm of dialectical materialism, on which outstanding thinkers and natural scientists insist, including those who were disappointed in the erection «air locks», the creators of the quantum-relativistic subconscious.

«Following the path of the Marxian theory we will approach more and more the objective truth (never exhausting it), while walking along any other path we can not come to anything but confusion and lies». V.I. Lenin. V.I. Lenin's parting word has appeared prophetical.                                                                            

Materials Studies based on the Marxian theory, receive the highest rating on the international conference on physics, since 1993, where, in III International Conference «Newton and the Problems of Mechanics of Solid and Deformable Bodies» St. Petersburg, March 22 - 27, 1993, for his services in solving fundamental problems of natural science and philosophy, the author was unanimously elected director of the International Scientific Organization “Newton Society” and ending with 2017, when at the International Conference in Brussels the author was presented with certificates of recognition: «For phenomenally and adequately presented report «Science needs protection from pseudo-scientific swindlers», «In recognition of outstanding services rendered in the organizing 2nd International Conferences on Physics, held during  August 28-30 2017 in, Brussele, Belgium» and «For Chairing the  session on  Quantum Physics, Nanotechnology, Computing Physics». 

This year the author has already received invitations to participate in Organizing committees of International conferences in Berlin, Madrid, Los Angeles and Osaka, and also to join the editorial boards of several scientific magazines.

However, pseudoscientific swindlers of the Russian Academy of Sciences  leadership, assuring President Russian Federation V.V. Putin, that all efforts will be made to unconditionally fulfill the Presidential «Strategy for the Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation until 2035», to restore confidence in the Russian Academy of Sciences by the State and society, in fact ignore and impede its implementation, with the grossest violation of Legislation Russian Federation and connivance from the Administration of the President Russian Federation, categorically continuing to reject the materialist dialectical doctrine and impose obscurantism.

Summarizing by the worlds G. Khromov's, we will note the following: «Our own science, first of all its basis - a science fundamental, is now in a critical condition... 

The Soviet science... it is necessary to protect from itself, from its impractical organizational structure, from its bureaucratized monopoly-prone nomenclative elite infected by monopolize». The «Izvestia» newspaper, article «Science needs protection» from 23.08.89

  It is obvious that since then nothing has changed significantly in the Russian Academy of Sciences .

«Magazine Nature has put the Russian Academy of Sciences on 193 place among the scientific organizations of the world - ahead of it dozens universities and research structures, including even some the private companies». RIA news agency

Times Higher Education has published a rating of the best universities.   The leading Russian Moscow State University named after Lomonosov occupies188 place in it. As we see, the higher educational system of the Russian Federation has appeared almost behind the entire planet.

Here is the result of false, antiscientific activity «unviable  organizational structure of the Russian Academy of Sciences, its nomenclature elite infected by monopolism». The nomenclature elite of the Russian Academy of Sciences continues traditions of destruction of fundamental knowledge and researches, spreading «nonsense, absurd and incompetence in philosophical thinking» according to Isaak Newton's fair estimation, inherited from the quantum-relativistic organized criminal group of pseudoscientific swindlers headed by academicians A.F. Ioffe and S.I. Vavilov.  

Pseudoscientific activity of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ management is the greatest crime of XX-th centuries before science and humanity, which «is not apprehended by the mighty of this world and not brought to consciousness broad masses».

«We should show, at last, a civic courage and to call everything here by their proper names – professor Vladimir Sekerin calls.

a) The theory of relativity is an ideological diversion in materialistic philosophy, it undermines the foundations of the Marxist-Leninist world view.

b) This theory has become a brake on world science, it can not objectively explain the phenomena of nature and it must be recognized that the laws and relationships established by it have not been scientifically proved».

We should understand, at last, that without protection and revival of fundamental science, humanity has no future.



P.S. For information.

The present reference of the author to the scientists, scientific and educational organizations, power structures and mass media, contrary to the Federal Law «About an order of consideration of references of citizens of the Russian Federation» №59 FL, is ignored by the Russian Academy of Sciences, the State Duma, Administration of the President of Russian Federation, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, leaders of communist parties G.A. Zyuganov and M.A. Surajkin for which protection of dialectic materialism, by definition, is «an unconditional debt», all mass media of the Russian Federation.

Correspondence of the author is stated in the book «To the Russian Academy of Sciences fundamental science is not necessary». Publishing house «Sputnik+», Moscow, 2018 (look also on a site:)

In the Russian Academy of Sciences «Commission on struggle against a pseudo science and falsification of scientific researches» works day and night. Its purposes and a problem are well-known and are reduced to an interdiction of criticism of antiscientific quantum-relativistic subconsciousness; to an interdiction of publications and distributions of works of the materialistic maintenance; to exile of true scientists from work and to an interdiction for teaching activity, deprivation of scientific degrees and ranks; to a compulsory direction of opponents on treatment in psychiatric clinics and so on. In this occasion the ex-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences J. Osipov has told from the Presidium tribune in 2000: «I liked a lot Edward Krugljakov's expression - «a hydra of pseudo science» - can not think up better. To win that many-headed monster is difficult, because on a place of this decollated head the new one grows; it sows an infection and absorbs minds».

And after all Krugljakov and Osipov are right about «it is difficult to win»! No matter how many times you cut scientist’s heads - the true always absorbed, absorbs and will absorb minds however much RAN’s inquisitors worked hard on that. Full degradation of public consciousness is available. How many cut heads with scientist - the true always absorbed, absorbs and «will absorb minds» how RANOVSKY inquisitors were zealous.


The organized criminal group of pseudoscientific elite of swindlers of the Russian Academy of Sciences led by academicians A.F. Ioffe, S.I. Vavilov and their apologists was accurately defined with the purposes and problems - to inspire to humanity nonsense that outstanding scientists of all times and the people are «enemies - last Mohicans who for a long time have suffered resolute defeat» and to continue with impunity to destroy fundamental science.

It is a serious problem in which it is necessary to take of a certain position, and apparently for the further fruitful development of physics it is very important that   would have found the right position.

That is why it is so necessary, that scientists of the international scientific community, misled by pseudoscientific swindlers, has concentrated the attention not to propagation of pseudoscientific theories, as it takes place in mass media till now, but on protection and revival fundamental science - «bringing  to consciousness broad masses extraordinary seriousness of sad consequences of crisis in natural sciences for fates of the Earthly civilization».


Yours faithfully and with best regards, holder of an order «For revival of Russia. The XXI century», the person of encyclopaedias: «the Best people of Russia», V edition and «WHO IS WHO in Russia» Swiss-Panamanian publishing house, 2010.

                                                                                          Vladislav Cherepennikov

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