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Interaction with foreign colleagues

Aliza Marks

Correspondence with the editors on the conditions for the publication of an article by V. B. Cherepennikov

Dear Dr. Vladislav Cherepennikov, 

We heartily thank you for submitting your eminent article entitled “CREATION OF THE GENERAL MECHANICAL THEORY OF PHYSICAL INTERACTIONS BY THE SOLUTION OF OWN MECHANICAL MODELS  FARADAY AND  MAXWELL” towards Chronicles of Pharmaceutical Science. We would like to notify you that, based on the eminence of your valuable article, we would like to categorize it as “Opinion”. So, we would like to kindly seek your valuable permission in this particular context to categorize the article as “Opinion” so that we can proceed for further process.

We look forward to receive your prompt response!

Best Regards,
Aliza Marks,
Associate Managing Editor,
Chronicles of Pharmaceutical Science,
E-mail   :
Website :

From: Vladislav Cherepennikov [] 
Sent: 20 December 2018 13:17
Subject: Отдел.doc, image003_3-big.JPG


Dear Aliza Marks!


  The best regards and congratulations happy New Year!

Successes to You, Your colleagues in Your noble affairs on protection and revival of fundamental science and in private life.

  I send You the requested materials which have not been published earlier. I hope for the further fruitful cooperation.

  Yours faithfully, Vladislav Cherepennikov.

Vladislav Cherepennikov


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